Your Kindness Reaches Many…

A recent patient encounter reminded me just how many lives are uplifted when we are able to serve and save the life of one North Korean patient suffering from multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

Son risking his life to save his father who has multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.A father and son stood out in the crowd of people who flocked to one of our treatment centers. The son was carrying his emaciated father on his back and was waiting patiently in line to have him tested for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. …We asked the young man, “Aren’t you concerned that you will catch tuberculosis from your father?”  He answered calmly, looking at his father with eyes full of love, worry and fear, “I’m willing to take that risk.”

Time and time again we see the love and devotion shared by family and friends of the people fighting this deadly disease.   We also see the sacrifice and devastation.   When you join EugeneBell, a faith based Korean charity, in support of a patient suffering from MDR-TB, you are sending a message of unconditional love, not only to that patient but to the family and the friends of that patient and to the dozens of others directly involved with that individual’s recovery.     In North Korea, it truly takes a village to save the life of someone with MDR-TB.  Before a patient is admitted into the program, local staff confirm that the person has his/her family’s commitment to provide additional support where possible for the duration of that patient’s stay.   It is the combination of the patient’s family, friends, North Korean doctors and nurses that your support allows us to augment with state-of-the-art medical treatment, equipment and medicine.   Dozens of family, friends, and care givers see that your unconditional act of love gives someone a chance to live.  Your support is life saving for the patient and transformational for the dozens of people connected to them.

Visit to learn more and to donate. Together we can save lives, restore families and instill hope directly to the hard-to-reach people of North Korea.