I Look Forward to Spending Time with my Family after Recovering from Tuberculosis

My name is Hyuckchul Lee. I have been sick with tuberculosis for three years. Treatment with regular TB medications did not help. I became so sick that I could hardly walk because it was difficult for me to breathe. My wife refused to give up on me. She strapped our one-month old baby on her back, helped me on to the back of our bicycle and peddled for one hour to reach the North Hwanghae Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Hospital so that I could be tested for MDR-TB by a visiting EugeneBell delegation. I tested positive and enrolled in EugeneBell’s MDR-TB treatment program. I felt really sorry for my wife because she had such a hard time taking care of me. The best way to show my appreciation was to focus all my remaining energy on getting well. Since beginning treatment, I have improved a lot and have gained seven kilograms…. Read More ►

Dreaming of a Wonderful Future

My name is Juyoung Ri and I am 16 years old. I have been ill with tuberculosis since 2014. At first, I had a fever and didn’t cough much. I thought I just caught a cold. I was often short of breath however, and was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the pleura. Treatment with ordinary TB medications did not help. I met the EugeneBell delegation at this treatment center for the first time on November 30, 2016. It was a very cold day, especially as we had to be processed for admission in the open air. I tested positive and started treatment six months ago. Of the six medications for multidrug-resistant TB, the most difficult are para-aminosalicylic acid (PAS) and the daily injection. Whenever I take PAS, it makes me nauseous and gives me a headache. I take it with a little food which seems to help. In the morning, after… Read More ►

[ABC News] Amid international tensions, the battle to treat ‘contagious cancer’ in North Korea

Hein S Seok is a Korean-American documentary filmmaker whose film, Out of Breath, follows a team of international volunteers to North Korea, where they work with local doctors to fight the deadly multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Here, she writes of witnessing the bonds between the visitors and North Koreans to fight what’s been called the isolated country’s “first, second and third most serious health issue”. Click here for the full report.

A documentary on Eugene Bell Foundation’s work aired

A documentary on Eugene Bell Foundation’s work entitled “Out of Breath” aired on September 3rd, 2018 on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), a Korean broadcasting company. This documentary presents the story of the EugeneBell’s multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment program in North Korea. Please find the video clip at the link below: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/culture/mbcspecial/vod/ (The 784th MBC Special) It is also available at www.amazon.com.

[The Korea Times] NGOs ‘better at solving some of North Korea’s intractable problems’

By Jung Da-min It is time for the two Koreas to permit private sector exchanges so personal relationships can be developed, the leader of a major NGO says. “When government officials monopolize and control private level exchanges, it is difficult for people from the South and North to effect real reconciliation,” said Dr. Stephen Linton, who has long led humanitarian efforts focused on North Korea. Click here for the full report.

The Eugene Bell Canada Foundation

We are delighted to announce that after a three year effort, a group of Korean-Canadians has obtained not-for-profit, tax-deductible status from the Government of Canada for the ‘Eugene Bell Canada Foundation’ on June 18, 2018. Please send all checks to the following address: EugeneBell Canada 3821 Lister St., Burnaby, BC, Canada V5G 2B9

Humanitarian assistance a priority topic during inter-Korean Summit

SEOUL, April 23 (Hankyoreh)  If the inter-Korean summit scheduled for Apr. 27 bears fruit, the Korean people may at long last look forward to a day when the threat of catastrophic military confrontation in their homeland is replaced by a long-awaited peace. Yet sadly, even the most optimistic outcome for the upcoming summit will come too late for many North Koreans whose deaths could have been prevented, had sanctions not devastated humanitarian aid programs. The recent termination of the Global Fund’s tuberculosis and malaria programs at a time when the numbers of multidrug-resistant TB patients is increasing is just one example of the crisis in humanitarian aid to North Korea. Reducing or eliminating assistance, particularly when related to deadly illnesses like tuberculosis and malaria, virtually guarantees that thousands of North Korean people will succumb unnecessarily to fatal contagious diseases. To prevent this from happening, Seoul and Pyongyang should take this… Read More ►

​A NHK Documentary About EugeneBell’s Program in the DPRK

This link is a documentary about EugeneBell’s multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) program in the DPRK (North Korea). It is being broadcast on NHK World. (NHK is the Japan Broadcasting Corporation). https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/vod/lens/20170904/ This documentary will be available at this link until September 18th. Thank you.